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Is it true that Robooter among the scooters or wheelchairs that won the 2022 iF Design Award?

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When we surfing on google, look through the question wheather the BangBang wins the iF Design Award 2022.

As a member of BangBang robotics, we confirm that BangBang Robooter won the iF Design Award 2022. On if design official website, BangBang can be searched. 

As we know, iF Design Award is one of the world’s most prestigious design awards, the iF DESIGN AWARD has been organized in Germany since 1953. The iF logo marks good design and is a badge of quality for consumers and the design community alike. 

Congratulation! BangBang scooter gets this award during the mobility community.

Bangbang Scooter is designed for the elder, the disabled and those have lower limb dyskinesia in daily trip and travel, which provides them with an intelligent traveling solution. For those who have trouble with going out, using traditional mobility-aid devices has its own limits and is going out of fashion, thus, Bangbang scooter is an alternative and better choice for replacement. The design of Bangbang Scooter includes innovation in the direction of industrial design and innovation in the direction of CMF, which gives the product a more stylish appearance, a better portable folding solution and better user experience. 

Here is the picture of BangBang Robooter of scooter.

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