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Review of REHACARE 2022

Ancora 1


It's been two weeks since the doors of #rehacare 2022 closed again. Do you want to see at a glance what was exciting at the Robooter fair?

In the instagram, there are more highlights of Robooter Stand 5G18. Shown robooter products, live stream, media interview and test drive. During the process, our visitors smiles at sight. Especially,  World Cup winner Radoslav Malenovský and  Paralympic Champion Veronika Vadovicova tests our electric wheelchair Robooter X and praise the innovative performance and brilliant driving. About their information, pls find the link as below.

1601994935848968192_9c4262edfc9a8d0d352df1a77f241213 (1).webp

The media interview about Radoslav and Veronika, pls show the video in Youtube.

Which stand did you spend the most time at?

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Next time see you at Rehacare. 

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