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Overseas Business Development in Robooter

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Work location: Western Europe, North America

Monthly salary range: 15-25K+ commission

Job Responsibilities:

1. Expand overseas business cooperation opportunities through overseas channels, including developing new customers and product cooperation;

2. Collect information on overseas potential cooperative customers, timely feedback market information related to the company's products (similar products, competitors), and put forward reasonable suggestions;

3. Expand and maintain overseas customers, whether they can grasp the customer decision-making chain and be responsible for the results;

4. Cooperate with the company's products, technology, and operations to promote  users’ addition and product cooperation;

5. Explore overseas customers and channel cooperation opportunities, track and manage overseas local channels and partners;

6. Cooperate with relevant departments of the company to organize the company's external brand or publicity activities.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, international trade and other related majors;

2. Have foreign trade sales experience in medical equipment or rehabilitation industry;

3. Have strong learning ability, negotiation ability and summary analysis ability; have strong business public relations and planning ability;

4. Have strong business development capabilities and be able to work under greater performance pressure.

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