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Ribotics for apple of eyes was born in 2016

Ancora 1


Ancora 2

A:What is the opportunity to start a business and set up Bangbang?

CEO Mr. Li: There is a cousin in the family who has a very good relationship with me. We grew up together. He suffered a spinal injury in a coal mine accident. Then his lower body was paralyzed. He gave life care, got bedsores, and finally died of sepsis. His passing hit me hard. Secondly, I majored in industrial robotics at Harbin Institute of Technology. Our team began to provide a power wheelchair and scooter for self-care and simple home rehabilitation for the elderly and disabled people with lower limb mobility dysfunction.


A:During the development period, what is the focus of your consideration?

CEO Mr Li: B2C, B2B business, caring service, supply chain, using technology to contribute to the family, recovery and community.

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