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Edificio per uffici moderno


The world's leading intelligent assistive device service business, dedicated to building a new global ecosystem of old-age and disabled people with technology, creating a better lifestyle for the disabled, empowering assistive products through intelligent technology, enabling telemedicine, home rehabilitation, and living assistance. As one, leading the development of the assistive device 3.0 era.


Ribotics a world leading service provider of intelligent assistive device was established in 2016. We are committed to structuring new ecology for elderly care, to help the disabled and create a better lifestyle for the handicapped groups by technologies. By engergization of intelligent technologies, telemedicine, home rehabilitation and live auxiliary will be integrated to lead the development of assistive device 3.0. The Company owns multiple core independent intellectual property rights and about 100 patents. The main product lines of the Company include home rehabilitation series, traveling auxiliary series and nursing and physiotherapy series. The Company has more than 100 experiential service stations in China. The products of the Company have been certified by many countries, and the products have been sold in more than 10 countries to help about 10,000 users to lead a new life.

Looking back to the original intention, BangBang Robot has the layout of "innovating since and technology, and leading future by intelligence" to constantly innovate the technologies, improve products and promote management to provide the people with lower limb mobility difficulties with the products and services of higher quality and more satisfactory.




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