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Robooter participated in Arab Health Expo the first time, let good things happen!

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From January 30th to February 2nd, 2023, the Arab Health Expo was grandly held at the Dubai International Exhibition Center in the United Arab Emirates. Roboter brought a variety of its products to the R Hall L59 and made a big debut, influencing every user with innovation. Those who use the series of products rooted in users to interpret its endless charm and show Chinese wisdom on the world stage.

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Robooter | Assisted travel series

Robooter X40:Endowed with hope

Robooter X40, a high-value scooter, integrates intelligence into the lives of the elderly and people with lower limb disabilities, expanding the social radius. Two intelligent core technologies: assisted safe driving and core motion control, based on safety, create a more powerful and superior intelligent experience, which has been favored by many exhibitors.

Screenshot 2023-04-05 alle 10.46.51.png

Robooter E40: a new smart scooter with ultimate experience

Robooter E40 is the latest intelligent portable electric wheelchair of the Robooter series. It integrates more Internet elements and intelligent concepts into the design, and establishes information sharing and device interconnection at the user end and companion end. Ergonomic, backrest design; streamlined link design, easy to fold; exclusive detachable accompanying bag and net pocket, practical commuting capacity. Removable lithium battery design, easy to replace and charge at any time.

Screenshot 2023-04-05 alle 10.48.22.png


In the future, Robooter will continue to empower the travel industry with technology, pay attention to the core needs of the elderly and people with lower limb disabilities, improve both management and services, use technology to link the world, and promote the innovative development of the industry.

About Arab Health Exhibition

Arab International Medical Equipment Exhibition (Arab Health) is one of the world's largest and professional comprehensive medical equipment and equipment exhibitions

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