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Ribotics Robotics Scooter RoboChair spread via Meganoticias in Chile

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Bangbang Robotics Scooter Robooter spread via Meganoticias in Chile. During Experiencia E expo in Chile, the reporter testdrived our mobility scooter. 

Meganoticias is the press department of Mega, a Chilean television channel. On this platform you will find explanatory videos, reports and interviews on various current international issues. 

The key point at site were as below.

1.Folding or unfolding electrically. Our scooter can fold full automatically via phone app or button. 

Screenshot 2023-04-05 alle 11.01.06.png

2.Moving smoothly, the max speed reach 6 km per hour. Turn 360 degree in narrow space with Omni-directional front wheels. 

3.There are shown different terrain scooter fitted. Such as grass, stone and uneven surface. Even through younger, it is also suitable. Ability is not disability. We try it all. 

Screenshot 2023-04-05 alle 11.01.50.png

Robooter wheelchairs experience the freedom and independence to reboot your life.

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